Graphic Designer & Digital Artist


What I am all about.

Hi there! My name is Kay Nijhuis. I'm a 'Multimedia Fanatic'. With 10 years of experience as a Graphic Designer I've worked on many interesting projects. Throughout the years I did all kinds of stuff. Graphic Design, Web-design, 3D-Design, Film, Photography, Digital Art, Music and so on. Below you see an indication of the software I have the most experience with.

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Photoshop 99%
Illustrator 90%
Indesign 90%
After Effects 70%
ZBrush 60%
Maya & C4D 40%


What I really love doing.

Graphic Design

I started working as a Graphic Designer when I was 16 years old.

Digital Art

I love to be creative and make all kinds of art like inspiring images or music.


From early on I have an eye for details. I'm good at capturing beautiful things.


Stuff I created.


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